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Search Engine Optimization, and How It Affects Your Website

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What Does SEO Mean for You?

In addition to having an elegant custom website design, people have to find your business. Everyone wants to be on the first page of Google. Your website needs good organic SEO to get there. SEO is a crucial part of your digital marketing campaign.

The most basic and essential type of SEO is Organic SEO, with an emphasis on Google SEO. How does organic SEO help you and your business? Very simply, searchers find you. Over time, your business gets on the top pages for your products or services. We specialize in ongoing organic SEO..

SEO is pull advertising. It pulls customers in to your website when search for something and find your website. They are already pre-disposed to buy what you're selling, because they're actually looking for it.

Properly applied SEO is a relatively inexpensive way of bringing in new business. There's initial web design cost and monthly maintenance. which can be a fraction of the cost of an advertising campaign.

ongoing seo

3 sample plans for SEO:

1. Built into your web design with thought but without extensive research or off-site SEO.

2. Research of the keywords and keyphrases that can bring you business, and using these keywords and phrases, plus (1) above.

3. (1) and (2) above, plus continual monthly maintenance, qualified backlinks, social marketing integration, web page or blog additions to put and keep your website at the top of the heap. This is also called "ongoing SEO". We provide monthly reports. A year contract is required, because ongoing SEO is a gradual and incremental process over time.

SEO results can stay for many years. They keep on giving.

We've been implementing organic SEO since 2000, with excellent results.  We keep current with constant research and the best tools available, because the game changes frequently.

SEO 2017 the new SEO

SEO Constantly Evolves

The science of Search Engine Optimization has changed and continues to do so. Fundamentals continue, but the layers around those fundamentals continue to evolve.

Social Marketing integration is essential, as it has been for some years.

Natural language search is the latest step with both voice search and with typed search, as technology moves to AI, non-sql databases and semantic search.

In-app mobile searches often bypass the search engines.

The mobile drives traffic to brick and mortar stores after initial searches, and stores can engage customers with mobile offers when they walk in the door, so the top search results are increasingly important to retailers.

We stay on top of the geeky stuff for you, so you don't have to.

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